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Granite, Marble, Reconstituted Stone Or Limestone

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns recognises the difficulties that potential clients face when trying to select that special piece of marble, granite, limestone or reconstituted stone and that is why we stock a large selection and variety for you to choose from.

We sell each product based on its own positive qualities. The choice comes down to every personal preference.

We welcome potential clients to our factory and showroom to view our extensive range of products. We also offer an in-house service to architects, interior designers and builders where we will bring your selection to you, otherwise browse our website and download brochures available online.

Stone Facts

Natural stones have been used well before Ancient Roman and Egyptian times and have also continued to last well throughout centuries into the millennium of today’s everyday usage of kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

It’s remarkable that solid pieces of stone can still be pulled out of the ground in quarries right around the world, cut, then polished to give you the opportunity to have your very own piece of artwork in your home, from romantic places like Italy and Spain right through to exotic places like Brazil and many, many more.

The countries with largely the most commercial granite include Brazil, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, India and several countries in southern Africa, such as Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Stone Benchtops vs. Laminate

When you think about it, most people prefer to eat from a porcelain plate as opposed to a plastic one!

Chefs all over the world prefer traditional granite and marble for their pastry boards and stone benchtops. Granite and marble’s natural ability to stay cool makes it an ideal flat surface for handling various types of pastry dough, including cookie dough, pie dough and bread dough. Cool dough will not stick to the surface and is much easier to handle, cut and manipulate.



The Regions Leading Building Firms And Project Managers Get Their Stone Surfaces From Us

Here are just a few of the businesses we deal with on a regular basis for their marble, quartz and granite needs. You too can enjoy this level of professionalism on your next project.


Be awestruck by the magnitude variety in colour and sheer beauty of this natural product
The quality of Marble & Limestone coupled with our craftsmanship will certainly impress
The surface material adds vibrancy, style and a modern look to kitchens and bathrooms

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