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About Granite

Granite can maintain its beauty and lustre indefinitely and is the second hardest stone next to diamonds!

Granite’s rich colours, stiffness and density make it an ideal choice for kitchen, bathrooms, reception desks, bar tops and staircases; as well as exterior applications for example, outdoor kitchens particularly barbeque areas. Many stylish patterns and colours make granite the most versatile and trendy of all stones.

Granite is a light-coloured igneous rock; it forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth's surface. The composition is mainly quartz, feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. The mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, grey, or white colour, with the additional of dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock.

Granite is also well known from its many world-famous natural exposures! These include:

  • Stone Mountain in Georgia
  • Yosemite Valley in California
  • Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
  • White Mountains in New Hampshire

In most cases, granite can be identified by visible particles at the surface of the stone. When it comes to the colour and appearance of natural stone, you’ll find marble normally shows “veins” or high concentrations, while the minerals in granite will typically appear as small flecks distributed uniformly in the stone.

We’re so fortunate to be able to construct, carve and decorate through the use of natural stone. Granites durability and robust resistance to physical and chemical weathering make it ideal to perform artistic work on it. From a homeowner’s perspective, having a piece of art work in this form, is the best way to bring earth, nature and beauty into your living environment.  

We recommend the use of granite for outdoor purposes, as the resistance to weathering is far superior to engineered stone. Be awestruck by the magnitude variety in colour and sheer beauty of this natural product.

Granite Samples

How to select your granite to match your colour palette and appliances

The samples provided by The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns are consistent with materials that are available. Bear in mind however that granite, marble and limestone are “gifts” from Mother Nature and differences in colour and grain do occur.

Our customers are more than welcome to choose from our range of materials that we have in stock or equally we can order to suit any requirements.

The Regions Leading Building Firms And Project Managers Get Their Stone Surfaces From Us

Here are just a few of the businesses we deal with on a regular basis for their marble, quartz and granite needs. You too can enjoy this level of professionalism on your next project.


Be awestruck by the magnitude variety in colour and sheer beauty of this natural product
The quality of Marble & Limestone coupled with our craftsmanship will certainly impress
The surface material adds vibrancy, style and a modern look to kitchens and bathrooms

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