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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pick my stone before my Cabinets?
There is no golden rule. Some clients prefer to choose the surface first in order to pick a colour vein or cluster within the stone which is present to tie in the colour flow of the cabinets. It just comes done to personal preference.

Granite, Marble, Limestone or Reconstituted Stone — which one is better?
The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns recognises the difficulties that potential clients face when trying to select that special piece of marble, granite, limestone or reconstituted stone and that is why we stock a large selection and variety for you to choose from. The advantage of engineered brands is the consistency and uniformity of each slab and how they look and provide your home a modern and contemporary environment. Granite, Marble and Limestone have a distinctive advantage that offers a large range of texture and patterns within the slab which is produced by Mother Nature. We sell each product based on its own positive qualities. Choice comes down to personal preference.

Is reconstituted / engineered stone water proof? 
Water absorption / porosity value is less than 0.02% totally maintenance free – it NEVER needs sealing and resists ALL food-staining. Sophisticated and innovative brands like Caesarstone®, Dekton, Essastone®, Finestone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and Smartstone

What is NSF?
NSF International helps protect you by certifying products and writing standards for food, water and consumer goods. Certifying that the stone bench top surfaces are qualified for unrestricted use in laboratory’s, healthcare facilities, commercial and residential projects; ensuring that the working surfaces are safe for use in all food preparation environments. 

What is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Children & Schools Accreditation?
Products for example stone surfaces that are safe for humans and environment as they do not release VOCs (Harmful Volatile Organic Compounds) ensuring safe and clean indoor air.

Do stone bench tops come with a Certified Certificate?
Yes… Certified Certificates can be provided upon request for Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Children & Schools Accreditation and NSF National Sanitation Foundation.

Are you thinking of renting your home, unit or apartment?
To protect your kitchen bench top or other stone bench top surfaces we highly recommend that you pass onto your tenants and cleaners a stone maintenance guide so therefore you’re covered by insurance.

The Regions Leading Building Firms And Project Managers Get Their Stone Surfaces From Us

Here are just a few of the businesses we deal with on a regular basis for their marble, quartz and granite needs. You too can enjoy this level of professionalism on your next project.


Be awestruck by the magnitude variety in colour and sheer beauty of this natural product
The quality of Marble & Limestone coupled with our craftsmanship will certainly impress
The surface material adds vibrancy, style and a modern look to kitchens and bathrooms

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