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Choosing Your Edge Profile And Thickness To Suit The Overall Design

The edge profile and thickness of your stone benchtop can be used to compliment a particular style or era of design you are trying to achieve. For example, if you were going for a classic French provincial kitchen, you might choose a ‘Lambs Tongue’ edge for the benchtop. Or you might prefer a more modern style and prefer a sleek finish of a 20mm or even 12mm arrised edge. Choosing a particular edge profile and thickness will completely transform and enhance the overall look of your project.

Edges make a definitive design statement, we can guide you in choosing the right style, although we find it really comes down to personal preference.

Mitred Or Laminated Joins

40mm edges - A laminated edge join is where two 20mm pieces of stone are stacked on top of one another and joined through the middle of the flat surface edge.

45mm edge + - A mitred edge join is where the stone pieces are cut on a 45° angle and put together so that they meet and join at the 90° corner.

Edge Profiles
20mm Arris
20mm 10x10 Bevel
20mm Bullnose
20mm Pencil Round
40mm Arris
40mm 10x10 Bevel
40mm Bullnose
40mm Pencil Round
20mm Mitred Edge
20mm Half Bullnose
20mm Shark Nose
20mm Lambs Tongue
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